Compact Living

If you’re one of the many million residents who are in the process of downsizing then it may be time to start thinking about how your furniture and home accessories can aid in this journey.

Compact Living has grown in popularity over the past few years and no wonder, as so many of us are economising with one-bed flats and studios. So what’s it all about? Our latest collection focuses on how to utilise small spaces and open them up using soft colour palettes and handy accessories.

"The piece stealing all the limelight in this impressive range has to be the space saving sofa Featuring thin armrest and shallow seats, it offers a versatile choice for both comfort and beauty, including materials for upholstery with hundreds of colours for you to choose from."

While so many of us battle for wardrobe space, it’s time to rethink how to store bulkier clothes like coats, and that’s where our storage beds come in as a supplement for space. Several more inches can mean a few more pieces of luggage and linen sets Remember, it’s all about decluttering and keeping the home fuss-free.

Some coffee tables are white elephants, making it difficult to style alongside bigger furniture pieces, such as desks and sofas. Fear not! Our range of descaled coffee tables come in the perfect size to place in front of your couch or low stools, so you can move them around the home when necessary.Finally, our last top pick from this collection is the Feature wall with a console. Stylish and affordable, it can be used for storage, TV rack, kids’ toys and so much more!
That’s what we love about the Maxi Home furniture and accessories don’t have to be teeny tiny, it’s more a focus on getting the most out of each design. So, opt for items that serve more than one purpose if possible, and choose pieces that offer a mobile function. Don’t forget, less space doesn’t mean less style…quite the opposite!